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1) Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels

Regular crane swivels are fine in most situations.
However, even top quality ones will lock up under full load, and so not rotate freely.
These Ball Bearing swivels solve this problem, offering extremely smooth and unhindered rotation right up to their breaking point.
Being extremely strong and compact in size they also reduce drag.
This makes them ideal for use when trolling with Dive Boards or poles, or for joining sets of hooks to the mainline.
These are premium quality, and without doubt the best Ball Bearing Swivels we have ever seen. They are made from stainless steel to maximise effective working life..
They are very small swivels for their breaking strain.. Supplied in packs of 5.


Order Code
No 3
90 kg
S 01
£ 5.95  (£7.14 incl VAT)
No 5
150 kg
S 02
£ 7.45  (£8.94 incl VAT)
2)  Stainless Steel Crane Swivels.

These stainless steel crane swivels are finest available. They are incredibly strong for their size, and being 100 % stainless steel they do not corrode  from saltwater corrosion like regular swivels.
Perfect for all mainline basic swivel requirements when you need something you can 100% trust not to fail.
A must for all long lines where gear longevity is critical.
Standard nickel plated swivels will soon corrode and become brittle once exposed to salt water for prolonged periods, resulting in lost fish, and lost time & money replacing gear.
Available in packs of 10  (except S03 C), or in packs of 100 for greater value.
7) Stainless Cross lock Snaps

Stainless Steel Cross lock Snaps offer a convenient connection that is also compact and virtually fail-safe.
Size 7 (250 lbs) are ideal for mainline connection to fishing gear when using jigging machines or a powered gurdy.
Size 6 (185 lbs) are Intermediate - for general use (not pictured  opposite)
Size 5 (140 lbs) are ideal for mainline connection on lighter lines or manual gurdy.
Also useful for rig building as well as hook trace and weight connection

4) Oval Alloy Crimps

Top Quality Oval Alloy Crimps for Heavy Monofilament.
Create a strong neat attachment for Hooks & Swivels.
Make sure to use the correct tools in the correct manner to achieve best results with crimps
Supplied in bags of 100 and now also available in larger 1,000 bags for greater value

6) Stainless Hooked Snaps

Cheap & Cheerful & Rust resistant clips for providing a fast & secure connection of single hook snoods to Monofilament Long lines , plus countless other general purpose uses.

8) Mini Long Line Snaps

A Miniature (70mm) sized Long Line Snap used for connecting Long Line hook snoods to a main line.
Also used for connecting weights or floats to the mainline between hooks.
These are very strong, failsafe clips that have many possible alternative uses.
Supplied in bags of 10 clips.

9) Combination Swivel

3-way swivels offer a quick convenient way to make up multi hook / lure paternoster traces.
These Stainless Steel Combination (or 3-way) Swivels offer a super strong fail safe way to make up traces.
The Size 3x4 have 100kg mainline strength and 80kg for branch lines / snoods.
Ideal for rigging squid jigs but also handy for lighter jigging traces for Pollack, Whiting etc.
The size 1x2 are rated as 185kg mainline strength with 140kg snood.
Supplied in bags of 10 Pieces

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