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We have now been appointed as the UK Dealer for Belitronic
As well as supplying the BJ5000EX machines & accessories, we can
also use our wide practical experience of using these machines on our own
fishing boat to help you to get the best out of your purchase.

The BJ5000EX is the latest model computer controlled jigging machine from Belitronic.
In Sweden.        It is virtually maintenance free, and very easy to use.

We can now supply the NEW  BJ5000 EX
The BJ5000 EX  is the latest model Computer Controlled Jigging Machine from
Belitronic in Sweden.

We supply our own premium quality accessories for the BJ5000EX.
All are manufactured locally by professional fabricators to a very high standard, using 100% marine grade (316) stainless steel materials and fastenings.        
A ) Mounting Pole Kit
To hold the BJ5000EX securely in position on your boat, we supply a Mounting Pole Kit
This kit consists of the following 316 stainless steel parts...
      1) A vertically pole , 38mm dia, 1m long
      2) A foot plate, to secure the pole to the deck
      3) A Clamp assembly to secure the vertical pole to the boat rail
The rail clamp enables the machine and outrigger arm to be swung out into the fishing position and swung back in again when not in use, and locked firmly in any position.
At the end of each day the vertical mounting pole is easily lifted from the rail clamp and foot with the BJ5000EX still attached, for secure storage.
This mounting kit has been designed to be as strong and durable as possible.
We have chosen a design that will fit straight on to most vessels.
However on occasion, slight modifications may have to be carried out, depending upon the design and layout of the vessel in question.      

B ) Outrigger Arm Kit
This consists of.......
      1 ) Outrigger arm, 1 metre long, 25mm dia, pole in 316 stainless steel.
      2 ) 316 stainless bolts to secure this pole horizontally to the Belitronic Machine.
      3 ) 316 stainless eyebolt to hold the pulley block which comes with each machine.
This kit is required when fishing for whitefish or anything that is too big to be hauled aboard by the machine on its own        

C ) Dyneema Braid
When fishing in deep or strong tidal waters keeping line diameter to a minimum is important to reduce drag and the amount of weight needed.
The vast majority of anglers fishing wrecks or deep waters these days use braided line
for this reason.
Dyneema braid is incredibly strong and less than half the diameter of monofilament for
the same stated strength.
Each spool holds 500m of 1.1mm Dyneema braid rated at 250lbs.
Enough to fill a few machines.

D ) Pulley Blocks
A  RED pulley block is supplied with all BJ5000EX as standard. It is a high quality block
with nylon bearing suited for use with monofilament or braided lines of any diameter.
Ideal for most hook and line fishing situations.
We also offer a BLACK TORTON Heavy Duty version suitable for use with Belitronic Jigging Machines

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Jigging Machines

After extensive research and development, the BJ5000EX represents the latest development in commercial hook & line fishing technology.
The Belitronic  Jigging Machine It is the most cost effective, and certainly one of the most popular jigging machines in use today – the world over.

* The BJ5000 EX is stronger and faster then its predecessor

* The display is larger, making it able to show more information, and also be much easier to read

* Easy to fit onboard, as there are different mounting options, and motor and spool can work both ways.

* Easy to use, as descriptions of functions are displayed on screen

* Very flexible, great for just about all commercial hook and line fishing applications


The main uses for the Belitronic BJ5000 EX here in the UK are jigging for Mackerel and Whitefish species like Pollack and Cod, but they are also great for catching Squid, and are frequently used when trolling for Pollack with diveboards.
They are also very effective bottom fishing with baits for the likes of Ling and Whiting, but also has programme specially for Live Bait fishing - ideal for Bass.

Any fisherman familiar with the BJ5000 will understand the new BJ5000 EX right away.

The programming is much the same.

The main differences are improvements with the LCD, motor and mounting options.
The BJ5000EX also has a much reduced power consumption compared to the previous model, making it ideal for fishermen working from boats with outboard engines

Weight                                   16.2 kg
Power Consumption              Max @ 12v  30 amp     Max @  24v 15 amp    Average 3 - 4 amps
Variations in Power               12 to 30 volts
Cable Dimensions                 7 metres  
Line Capacity                         500 metres of  1.4mm  
Max Fishing Depth                999 metres
Speeds-manual catch/haul    50 - 180 rpm
Warranty                                2 years

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£ 1925.00  ( £2310.00 incl VAT )

May 2020