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The Diveboard is trolled behind a slowly moving boat.    No weights are used.

The Board will dive down in the water with lures trailing behind. Once fish take, the board flips over and rises to the surface making fish retrieval easier.

The initial outlay on a board is relatively small compared to other fisheries.
Those who persevere and are willing to spend time with the equipment, mastering the techniques involved will do well.

The original Yo-Zuri K Type Boards have been used to catch Pollack successfully all around the UK for a number of years. It is all tried and tested.

When using the gear correctly rigged, and with a few pointers in the right direction, many customers have proved them to be very effective at catching Pollack over inshore grounds, with many reporting some spectacular catches.

The cost of the Yo-Zuri Boardsand associated tackle, whether supplied “loose” or “Ready to Fish” , is soon recovered by a few kilo of prime Line-Caught Pollack, and there are few more enjoyable ways of earning a living.

There are FIVE SIZES of K-Type Diveboards to choose from, depending on the depth of water you want to fish.

         K   9         Up to 10m  approx

         K 10        10 to  15m  approx

         K 11        15 to  20m  approx

         K 12        20 to  25m  approx

         K 13        25 to  30m  approx

Remember these depths quoted are only estimates. There are lots of variables that can affect how deep the board will actually go

When fishing for Pollack always aim to fish a minimum of 5m off the bottom.

We offer two options.......

1) Rig Yourself
We supply the original Yo-Zuri Diveboard marked with suggested points for drilling holes, along with some written guidelines
The rest is up yp you.

2) Ready Rigged - Basic
Our  Rigged Yo-Zuri Diveboards have been proved very effective by countless fishermen all over the UK & Ireland.

The set up we have developed and proved to work consistently for Pollack is different to anything else you will see online or from the manufacturer.
We assemble all the Lures in our own workshop from basic components.
They are rigged up using our own designed jigs to ensure a neat & consistent finish.

All Rigged Diveboards and traces use all Stainless Steel Hooks, Crane Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels & Cross-Lock Snaps.






Order Code

Price Each



K - 9

1) Rig Yourself

D 9

£ 21.95  ( £ 26.34 inc VAT )

K - 10

300 x 140 mm

1) Rig Yourself

2) Ready  Rigged - Basic

D 10

D 10 RB

£ 21.95  ( £ 26.34 inc VAT )

£ 54.95  ( £ 65.94 inc VAT )

K - 11

330 x 158  mm

1) Rig Yourself

2) Ready  Rigged - Basic

D 11

D 11 RB

£ 23.25  ( £ 27.90 inc VAT )

£ 56.25  ( £ 67.50 inc VAT )

K - 12

360 x 172 mm

1) Rig Yourself

2) Ready  Rigged - Basic

D 12

D 12 RB

£ 25.95  ( £ 31.14 inc VAT )

£ 58.95  ( £ 70.74 inc VAT )

K - 13

390 x  185 mm

1) Rig Yourself

2) Ready  Rigged - Basib

D 13

D 13 RB

£ 33.95  ( £ 40.74 inc VAT )

£ 66.95  ( £ 80.34 inc VAT )



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August  2020


Each Fairwater Rigged Yo-Zuri Diveboard BASIC PACK  contains :-

1)   One Original Yo-Zuri Diveboard with holes for towing ready drilled

2)   Two Braided Towing Loops - with  Chaff-Tube & Stainless Steel        Washers that hold a Stainless Crane Swivel at the fromt and a Ball        Bearing Clip swivel at the back.

3)   One Towing Line - 50m of Dyneema Core Hand-Line Braid with       Stainless Clip Swivel.

4)   5  x  10/0 Stainless Gummimakk lures single rigged with 1.3mm /       170 lb Asso HardLine with tail end Lure and monofilament leader.

5)   A set of Fairwater Fishing Written Hints & Tips to help you catch        fish from the start.