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Compared to a traditional monofilament mainline, braided Dyneema lines are thinner, stronger and haves less stretch which makes them much more effective as mainline material when drag needs to be kept to a minimum.

When trolling with diveboards a Dyneema mainline reduces the amount of line out you will need and will increase the potential working depth of the diveboard.
Always join the Dyneema mainline directly to the dive board.

When jig fishing in deep or strong tidal waters Dyneema line reduces the amount of weight needed and improves control of the line and bite indication.

Use a clear monofilament leader to put distance between the coloured mainline and your hooks or lures.
This also helps compensate for the lack of stretch in the mainline and to act as a weaker link.

We offer  the following options : -

A )   Dyneema 1.1 mm Diameter

Dyneema braid is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant, with very little stretch, making it the first choice line for many commercial applications.
This is suitable for use with jigging machines or other deck equipment.
It is ideal for use when jigging or trolling with Yo-Zuri Diveboards because of its high breaking strain, low diameter and very low stretch.
Due to the small diameter, this line is not suitable for hauling by hand.

Dyneema line is supplied in two length options - the  original 500m spools  & we now have shorter lengths of approx 80m available.

B )    Osprey Hand-Line Braid

This Braid is ideal for all types of hand line fishing.
Osprey  Hand Line Braid has tightly braided outer layer with a resin coating formed around a central Dyneema core making it a stiff line with low stretch,  low memory meaning it is very easy to handle compared to pure Dyneema lines.
Osprey Hand Line Braid is 1.8mm x 320 lb and is supplied in 100m coils with plain cut ends, or 50m hand line lengths with stainless clip swivel & crimped end.

C )    Osprey Black Braided Line

This Black Braided Fishing Line is a new addition to our range.
It is Memory Free so is very easy to handle & coil in tubs.
Ideal for Long Line fishing from small boats, but might also be useful as a heavier Hand Line
Diameter 2.5mm - 200kg - Supplied in 400m Coils

There are two types available -

1.  Without Lead Core - Order Code M625      -  400m coil weighs 1.6 kg
2.  With Lead Core      - Order Code M625PB  -  400m coil weighs  4   kg


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