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So..................What is "Sustainable Fishing" ?

The dictionary defines ‘sustainable’ as :-

     1) Able to be sustained – keep something going over time or continuously

     2) (of industry, agriculture and fisheries) Avoiding using up natural resources

So, a sustainable fishery is one that ensures :-

· The maintenance and re-establishment of a healthy population of target species.

· The maintenance of the integrity of the marine ecosystem

Which; loosely translated means................you don’t take fish at a faster rate than they can naturally replace themselves

through breeding, and in doing so, you do not damage or destroy the environment from where you caught them.

The vast majority of fisheries around the UK that have been deemed sustainable are hook and line fisheries, using either bait or lures to catch the fish.

So why fish using sustainable hook and line methods?

With more restrictions on the quantities of fish that can be caught and landed by commercial boats, and the ever increasing Consumer demand these days for fish of the very highest quality, more and more skippers are choosing to fish using sustainable methods to increase the potential value of their catch.

Other reasons include:-

*) Higher quality product for which the consumer is prepared to pay a premium price.

*) Minimal environmental impact

*) Minimal bycatch with very few discards

*) The fishing gear is relatively cheap in most cases.

*) In some cases, grants are available for conversion from pressure stock fisheries.

*) Increased consumer awareness of ‘unsustainable’ fishing methods generating large amounts of waste and causing substantial environmental damage.

So with people becoming increasingly concerned with our Environment, and the Sustainable use of our Earth's limited Resources, more and more fishermen are wanting to use equipment and techniques that cause minimal impact.

Here at Fairwater Fishing...............

We specialise in supplying commercial fishermen with equipment for Hook & Line fisheries.

We source our stock from within the UK as well as Europe and as far away as the USA and Japan, as we strive to supply the finest materials and products that we can.

Sustainable Fishing