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1 )  PVC tube
Our PVC tube has been developed and manufactured specially for us, with a thick wall and extra glossy finish   It is available in 3mm and 4mm diameters.
It's great for Mackerel Sets, as it is brightly coloured, hard wearing and very cost effective.   Coloured PVC tube can be used alone, or in conjunction with other materials when assembling Mackerel Sets.          
The 3mm PVC Tube is best used with 9754 (ringed/eyed hooks) sizes 10 and 12, and also
9746 (spade end hooks) sizes 9 and 10.

The 4mm tube is best used with 9754 (ringed/eyed hooks) sizes 8 and 9, and also 9746
(spade end hooks) sizes 8 and 9 when whipped with heavy monofilament
When used alone, approx 40mm of tube is required for each hook
(25 hooks per metre of tube)
When used in conjunction with other dressing materials, then 1 - 2 cm will be enough
( 50 - 100 hooks per metre)    
Available in 10m or 100m hanks, in colours RED ( R ), WHITE ( W ) or YELLOW ( Y ).

.Attach letter to Order Code to denote preferred colour i.e.   Red (R) , White (W) or Yellow (Y)
2) NGS Tubing (New Generation Silicon)
New Generation Silicon Tube, made in the UK especially for us.
NGS is our first choice as is Extra Tough & Extra Soft.
It is supple & tear resistant, and unlike PVC it has no memory.
6 mm X 8 mm - for 8/0 & 10/0 & 12/0 Hooks
Available in Red (R) or Black (B) or Fluoro Orange (F) or British Racing Green (G)
Attach letter to denote preferred colour.


3) Ribbon
This is a cheap an effective material for making Mackerel Hooks, giving colour and movement that improves catches compared to the traditional way of using PVC alone.

We offer a choice of :-
Bright Super Red (R) in 500 m lengths (shown opposite),
or Pearlescent White (W) in 250 m lengths. Both are 5 mm wide

4 ) Mylar Tube
Commonly known as ‘Silver Shrimp’.
Mylar is fantastic for making Mackerel Sets.
Especially good during the summer months or times when fish can be
shy, thin on the ground, or when larger fish are targeted.
Supplied in 10m lengths in SILVER or GOLD.
We have now added another option - PEARLESCENT.
It’s a bit more expensive but in trials has proved very popular for its added flash & sparkle.


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